What is WebA11Y?

Is your website holding you back?

Is your website putting you in danger?

Are you already doing all you know to do to win in business, but your team isn’t capable of building you a winning machine?

Do you know how to even answer those questions?

At WebA11y, we build websites that can win business, and that keep you safe.  We engineer websites that are built for search engines, for mobile devices, for persons with disabilities, but most of all, these websites are built to let you win as a business owner.

Several things need to happen for you to succeed online.  You need to get traffic, you need to have an offer that converts traffic to customers, and you need to have systems of fulfilling your offers in place.

And… you need to stay in the game long enough to win.

As a business owner you are the driver.  You need a machine that performs and that keeps you safe.

Do you really care how that machine it is painted if has the power and handling to win every race?  What if that paint scheme actually somehow made your machine reckless and out of control while you were focused on trying to win a race?  It would undermine your focus.  It would be a failure condition.

That situation exists, and we are here to help end it.

At weba11y, we focus on building, and maintaining websites that work.  Websites that can get traffic.  Websites that don’t expose you to risks in the form of lawsuits. Websites that let your offers be seen by close to 20% more visitors that nearly all other sites on the internet.

Here is what we do:

Option 1:

We take your existing website, get underneath it and fix all the stuff that designers and branding companies don’t even look at.  We engineer your site to get traffic from search engines with web standards SEO on every page.  We make every page on your website accessible to persons with disabilities or persons who use the web differently.  This opens up close to 20% more traffic for your website to win than your competition.  It also protects you from lawsuits.  It also qualifies you for tax credits.  Oh, and we make sure it works on mobile devices.  We also host and maintain the website, so that it is available and fast for your customers, this lets us perform duties as a compliance officer just in case some drive-by law firm starts mass filing lawsuits, you have someone with documentation in place to protect you as the business owner.

Option 2:

You realize your website doesn’t even look the way you want.  In that case, you can pick a way you want it to look and we can wrap it with a nice and functional, modern look and feel.   And, you still get everything above in option number 1.

This is a program where you can be a reseller, if you want.  If you need one website built right, we can do that.  If you want to sell websites built right and have us do that for you, we have a program set up with training find clients, build relationships and sell.  We do all the fulfillment.  You maintain your customers and clients and billing, we build websites that work.

If you have other questions, see our frequently asked questions or request information to get started.  If you have questions about pricing for custom sites or unique situations, please contact us at support@weba11y.net