Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the training and resources area?  The training is over the shoulder videos, powerpoint slides, documents and link resources. How to use automated tools to assess websites, examples of proposals we have done, white label presentations you can use in your own marketing.  Pretty much what you would need to start selling within days!

What level of WCAG do you bring the site up to? A, AA, or AAA? AA is the standard for Federal 508, State laws/rules and what is referenced in every lawsuit that I have read.

Can I just have a separate site for persons with disabilities?  This is considered segregation.  This is a no no.

Is there such a thing as an official certification of compliance? I see some other companies promoting their “badge” to put on your site, but I’ve heard that does no good if you go to trial.  Is that true?  This is a method used by companies that provide audits.  It basically gives them an our if you are sued.  It states that as of “date” the site was accessible.  Then should you do something to your site that is not accessible, you cannot blame them.

Is a website compliant or is it on a page by page basis? What if some pages on a website are not compliant but others are?

You have to make sure page by page you are compliant.  This is why audits are so expensive.  Consider looking at every page with 5 or so automated testing tools.  Then, manually testing every page on a site with different screen readers.  For the best audit, you use native testers.  That means, having individuals that use these tools on a daily basis due to need and see what problems they encounter.

How are lawsuits filed? 

How are they filed?  The intent was to be filed on behalf of a person experiencing difficulty accessing a site.  I cannot confirm, however, I have heard that “a tester” could be someone experienced in using these assistive devices and does not necessarily have a disability. 

What happens if someone visits my site now, and I have my website brought up to accessibly standards before after that but before I get served a lawsuit?  How does that work? 

We keep records of when a site was mitigated or made accessible.  We also perform quarterly audits, fix any errors that may have developed and keep records of those as well as evidence for the chance someone would file a lawsuit against a site that is accessible.  This was the leading reason for cases to be dismissed in 2019.

Do you fix existing sites or only build new sites on templates? 

In doing this as long as we have and with as many sites as we have built, it is faster to rebuild the site.  Most themes have parts of the site created by that theme developer that would take much longer to fix if that is even possible.  And, that means more $ to correct.  Our model to keep expenses down to create or re-create sites per our SOP’s.

If we have a semi-custom website that we need built, how long will it take to get the price quote together? 

Once you learn our system, you will know what your costs are with us and you add any margin to that quote that you like.  We have calculators built in to assist you with what our costs will be.  Typically, this is ½ of what I charge for sites.  So, there is plenty of room for you to make some good money!

Are there some example websites you can show us so that we can see some of these sites live and in action? 

You can look at our theme sites.  Sorry, once bitten twice shy!  In the past I have shared live scenarios only to have people attack sites to make themselves feel superior.  Plus in the agreement I sign with all of my customers that we share with you to use as well, I agree to confidentially with all of my customers!

Should I get my agency website compliant before I begin to aggressively sell these services?

I would.  You are going to make other developers/agencies upset when you call them out.  Plus, how does it look to a prospect when you are talking about this service and the current developer/agency points out that your site is not accessible?!

What is the average sale ticket?  How much should we be selling these services for? 

I sell the themes for $1500-$2000 and the custom sites I start at $3000.

When we join and begin selling these services and websites, what liabilities are we opening ourselves up to?  How do we protect ourselves and our business? 

Really not much different than you have been exposed to since starting work.  This area is just more litigious.  We will recommend everyone has professional and general liability.  We have a resource to resource that can help anywhere in the US.  (We think). We are paying $1182 for this insurance in 2020.

How do you solve these problems for an existing website? 

We build a new one.  We can stay within 90% the same as the current one or create a new look. 

How do landing pages work?  Is there a specific price for landing pages or single page websites? 

Yes.  We offer these based on size and how fast they are needed.

How is the hosting set up?

All sites will be on our server.  In years of development and hosting, we do not have time to deal with inferior hosting services! (AKA shared hosting)

Why is the hosting part of this package?  Could we just host our own websites? 

As with anything, we don’t know what we don’t know!  Security, neighborhoods and companies vary greatly.  We provide hosting in a safer environment and with systems to reduce our time and you/your customers cost.

Does the price of a new website include copywriting? 

No.  I suggest telling you customers what I have for years.  If this is an existing site, we will take the existing content.  It is new, we “borrow content form similar sites in other areas.  We HIGHLY recommend that you work with your customer to provide this upfront or during the one (1) round of edits that comes each agreement.

So as a member, we are responsible for monthly payments for our membership, plus the monthly payments for the hosting of the websites that we have sold.  Is that correct? 

Yes. The membership is to be in the “club”. When you complete a form for each project, you are responsible for the creation fee and monthly fee.  We will be happy to add similar form to a site for you to send your customers to, walk you through connecting Stripe to and you should be paying with money your customer paid you with!